How Bulk-Billing Medical Centres Are Good for Women's Health Care

Posted on: 28 August 2018

When it comes to women's health, your needs are likely to evolve with each decade. With events such as puberty, preventing pregnancies, falling pregnant and the menopause requiring regular attention, you may need to see a doctor on a regular basis. If you want to streamline the relationship you have with your GP and gynaecologist, consider using bulk billing. Here are some advantages of a bulk-billing medical centre:

Changing contraceptives won't become costly

Around 95 percent of fertile Australian women will use a contraceptive. Also, 19 percent of Australian women will use an emergency contraceptive. Finding your feet in the world of pregnancy prevention may sometimes feel confusing. Unless the first method you choose agrees with you automatically, you may need to change your mind several times before finding the right one. When you use a bulk-billing medical centre, you don't have to worry about mounting consultation and prescription costs while you're on your contraception journey. 

Your options become clearer when it comes to reproductive care

While many women won't struggle to fall pregnant, those who do undergo significant periods of stress. Not knowing what your insurance company will cover may add to the emotional turmoil, which could reduce your fertility further. When you opt for bulk billing, your agreement will clearly outline which reproductive health services you can use. As a result, you can form clear plans for pushing ahead with conception, without worrying about how you'll pay. In some instances, you may find that your bulk billing doctor will only accept subsidised payments. However, this does mean you stand a stronger chance of securing counselling within your budget.

During periods of hormonal change, you still have the chance to customise the care you receive

One of the most common misconceptions about bulk-billing doctors is that they can't provide a bespoke service. While it's true that your payment method will only cover certain approaches, you can still tweak the care you receive by paying for specialist services. For example, when the menopause starts, you may want to opt for natural HRT over synthetic. If your doctor doesn't provide such services as standard, they may agree to introduce you to them privately. You'll still benefit from the other types of support you can expect during the menopause, but altering your experience to suit your desires remains as a possibility.

When it comes to women's health, affordability, diversity and accessibility are all important. Using a bulk-billing doctor, you can meet every life-changing experience with an appropriate medical response.