Delivery Options That You Can Discuss With Your Obstetrician

Posted on: 25 November 2019

What some women may take for granted about giving birth is that their chosen method of delivery may end up not being their actual delivery method. Considering the magnitude of carrying and birthing a child, some complications could crop up that would have you change your original birth plan. Fortunately, familiarizing yourself with the different options available can go a long way toward easing any anxiety if you do end up having to switch your plan. Read on to learn about a few delivery options that you can discuss with your obstetrician.

A vaginal birth

This method of delivery is the initial plan for most pregnant women. In fact, vaginal birth is the best solution if you are not suffering from any complications since it is the way the body is designed to bring a baby into the world. There are several benefits of opting for a vaginal birth. For starters, women generally heal much faster with vaginal delivery as long as there were no complications in the process. Hence, you get to leave the hospital faster and get back to recovering with your baby at the comfort of your home.

A caesarean section

Typically referred to as a C-section, this method of delivery could be recommended by your obstetrician or you could elect to have one on your own. Cesarean births are prescribed for several reasons. Firstly, if you are in active labour but your cervix is not dilating, the unborn child could go into distress. Thus, to avoid any harm to the baby, the obstetrician will have you wheeled into surgery for a cesarean section. A C-section is also common for babies that remain in breach positions, as delivering the child in this way is not safe for both baby and mum. Lastly, cesarean sections can end up being your best delivery option if you have multiple foetuses, if your placenta is positioned too low in the uterus or for other reasons. Discussing this option with your obstetrician from the beginning will ensure you feel in control if you end up having one.


VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) is an option for women who want to try to give birth vaginally for their next pregnancy. In years past, the typical belief was that once a woman had a C-section, all subsequent deliveries would be the same, but this is untrue. Although a VBAC is riskier than simply having another C-section, your obstetrician will be with you throughout labour so that they can establish if the VBAC will be available or if you indeed should have another cesarean.

For more information, contact an obstetrician.