Five Advantages of Micro BTE Hearing Aids

Posted on: 29 January 2020

Compared to ITE (in-ear) hearing aids, BTE (behind-the-ear) aids have many benefits. The least noticeable type of BTE hearing aid is the micro BTE hearing aid, which is much smaller than a standard BTE aid. Here are five reasons why you should find a micro BTE hearing aid provider so you can reap the benefits of this kind of hearing aid technology.

1. No Whistling

Many ITE hearing aid users complain about a whistling or whining noise coming from their hearing aid. This whistling is the result of feedback, which occurs with ITE hearing aids because the speaker and the microphone are very close together.

BTE hearing aids locate the microphone outside the ear, far from the speaker which sits inside the ear. This separation between the microphone and the speaker reduces the annoying whistle that puts many people off using a hearing aid.

2. Lower Risk of Wax Damage

Hearing aids that sit inside the ear are vulnerable to being damaged by ear wax. Ears naturally produce wax, which in most situations helps to remove foreign objects from the ear to reduce the risk of infection. This wax is very moist in some people, which can lead to the hearing aid suffering water damage. In contrast, BTE aids are located outside the ear where wax is not able to affect them.

3. Small and Subtle

The main factor that discourages people from using BTE hearing aids is that they are visible outside of the ear. However, micro-sized BTE aids are much smaller than standard BTE hearing aids. Typically, a micro BTE hearing aid is hidden entirely by the outer part of the ear, which makes them extremely discreet.

4. Easy to Program

The technology used in micro BTE hearing aids is quite advanced. Rather than simply amplifying all sounds, the micro BTE processing technology actively filters out background noises, helping to make speech as clear as possible. This process is automatic, but if the automatic filtering is not working well in a particular environment, you can quickly change the settings to get rid of certain frequencies while amplifying other ones.

5. Likely Suitable For You

Whether you have severe, moderate, or mild hearing loss, it is likely that a micro BTE hearing aid could be a suitable treatment for you. Get in touch today with a micro BTE hearing aid provider to find out more about this technology and its advantages.