• The Benefits Of Physiotherapy: Improve Your Health, Movement And Quality Of Life

    Living with chronic pain or limited mobility can be overwhelming and exhausting. Thankfully, physiotherapy is a non-invasive and effective treatment for many health conditions, injuries and illnesses. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing a chronic pain condition or recovering from surgery, physiotherapy can help you regain strength, mobility and confidence. This blog post examines the notable advantages of physiotherapy, such as enhanced movement, pain management and mental health benefits. [Read More]

  • 4 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help with Marathon Training

    For most people, completing a full marathon will be one of the toughest physical challenges they ever face. Whether running for charity or simply through the desire to tick 'run a marathon' off a bucket list, covering those 26.2 miles can be incredibly fulfilling. Every marathon runner needs to commit to a training regimen, but relatively few will think of seeing a physiotherapist. You might assume this is only something you need to do if you get injured, but physiotherapy can help any runner achieve their goals and ultimately enjoy the marathon experience more. [Read More]

  • How Do You Know If You Are Suffering From Pink Eye?

    Do you or someone close to you have what appears to be an infection in the corner of their eye? Could this be "pink eye," and if so, what do you need to know about it?  Understand The Condition Pinkeye is the street name for a condition known as conjunctivitis. This involves an inflammation of the membrane that covers the white of your eye and runs along the edge of your eyelid. [Read More]

  • How to Make Your First Trimester Comfortable

    Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but there's no denying that it comes with periods of discomfort. One stage where you may notice the biggest changes is your first trimester. As your body adjusts to hormonal changes and physical challenges, you'll need to find ways to make this time a little more comfortable. Find the Right Care Establishing the right type of care for your pregnancy from the start is essential. [Read More]

  • Child Suffer From Anxiety? Signs They Should Be Seen At A Family Health Centre

    Now that summer is here, you're probably spending more time with your kids. If that's the case, you have an opportunity to monitor their behaviour. This can be extremely important, especially when one of your children deals with anxiety on a regular basis. The change in structure and routine can increase anxiety. If your child does experience an increase in anxiety during the summer, it might be necessary to seek professional help for them. [Read More]

  • Reasons to Use Physiotherapy to Handle Shoulder Pain

    When shoulder pain hits, it can make many aspects of your life difficult. You depend on your shoulders for lots of tasks, including getting dressed in the morning and lifting yourself out of a chair. Although other medical and surgical options are available, you may want to try a physiotherapy clinic first. Here are some reasons to use physiotherapy to manage your shoulder pain. Tackling the Direct Cause Although treatment options such as injections are available, they're a temporary fix. [Read More]

  • 4 Things to Do When Preparing Your Child for a Vascular Ultrasound

    Taking your child for a vascular ultrasound may sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be a scary experience. A vascular ultrasound creates a dynamic image of the circulatory system by passing an ordinary sound wave through tissues that are dense and this sound wave is reflected back to the machine on the other side. The process is similar to how an X-ray creates an image but without the use of any harmful radiation. [Read More]

  • Understanding Back Pain Treatment

    Back pain results from old age, underlying health conditions or injuries. Sometimes, the pain can get so severe that you can't carry out day to day activities. Here's what you need to know about back pain treatment. Diagnosis Visit a doctor who specialises in back pain because they have back pain-specific knowledge and experience. Such a doctor will know all the necessary tests to carry out to identify what is causing your pain; this is crucial in getting treatment right. [Read More]

  • What to Expect After Partial or Full Knee Replacement Surgery

    If you have had enough of dealing with the pain, inconvenience and poor quality-of-life that come with bad knees, then you may have taken the decision to have a full or partial knee replacement. Some people may opt to do both knees at the same time to get it over with in one go or, of course, if they have an equal amount of pain in each one. You may be wondering how long it will take you to get back to normal, what you need to do after the operation and just how much difficulty you will have to deal with. [Read More]

  • Five Advantages of Micro BTE Hearing Aids

    Compared to ITE (in-ear) hearing aids, BTE (behind-the-ear) aids have many benefits. The least noticeable type of BTE hearing aid is the micro BTE hearing aid, which is much smaller than a standard BTE aid. Here are five reasons why you should find a micro BTE hearing aid provider so you can reap the benefits of this kind of hearing aid technology. 1. No Whistling Many ITE hearing aid users complain about a whistling or whining noise coming from their hearing aid. [Read More]